Monday, 16 May 2011

Company and Marketing Strategy

Partnering to Build Customer Relationship
The Nike ‘’swoosh’’ it’s every where !Just for fun ,try counting the swooshes whenever you the sports pages or watch a pickup basketball games or turn into a televised golf match .Through
Innovative marketing .Nike has built the ever present swoosh into one of the best known brand symbols on the planet .But 40 some years ago when young CAP Phil Knight and colleges tracks coach Bill bowerman cofounded the company .Nike was just a brash , young upstart in the athletic industry.

In those year days ,Knight and Bowerman ran Nike by the seat their pants .Is 1964 ,the pair chipped in $500 apiece to start Blue Ribbon Sport .In 1970, Bowerma dreams up a new sneaker tread by stuffing a piece of rubber into his wife’s waffle iron . The Waffle trainer quickly became the nation’s best selling training shoe.

Throughout in 1980s and 1990s still plying the role of the underdog .Nike sprint ahead of its competition
Between 1998 and 1997 , Nike’s revenues grew at an annual rate of 21 percent ; annual return to investors averaged an eyepopping 47 percent . nike leveraged its brands strength , moving aggressively into new product categories , sport and region of the world.

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