Monday, 16 May 2011

The Marketing Concept :

customers for you products, but to find the right products for your customers THE SELLING CONCEPT
The selling concept takes an inside-out perspective.It start with the factory,focuses on the company's existing products,and calls for heavy selling and promotion to obtain profitable sales. it focuses primarily on customer conqesr-getting short -terms sales with little concern about who buys or why. THE MARKETING CONCEPTThe marketing concept takes an outsides in perspective. As Herb Kellehe, Southwest Airlines' colourful''CEO'',put it.''We don't have a marketing department :we have a customer department .''And in the words of one Ford executive,''If we are not customer driven .our cars won't be either .The marketing concept starts with a well-defined market,focuses on customer needs,and integrates all the marketing activities that affect customers.In turn,it yields profits by creating lasting relationship with the right customer based on customer value and satisfaction
The marketing concept holds that achieving organizational goals depands on knowing the needs and wants of targets markets and delivering the desired satisfactions better than competitors do. Under the marketing concept ,customer focus and value are the paths to sales and profits. Instead of a product-centered make and sell philosopy, the marketing concept is a customer-centered sence and respond philosophy.It views marketing notas hunting, but as gardening. The job is not to find the right

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