Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Marketing Ethics and Social Responsibility

Timberland CEO Jeffery Swartz recently strode purposefully into a New York office packed with McDonalds executed .Dressed in a blazer, jeans and timberland boots. He was there to convince the fast food gain that it should choose his $1.5billion shoe and clothing company to provide its new uniforms. The executives waited expectantly for him to unzip a bag and reveal the sleek new prototype.
We didn’t bring any designs, ‘’Swartz said flatly. Eyebrows arched. Instead, he launches into an impassioned speech that had virtually nothing to do with clothes or shoes. What Timberland really had to offer McDonalds Swartz said was the benefits? To the company and the world at large of helping it builds a unified, motivated purposeful workforce. ‘’Other people can do uniforms.’’

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